FoneBuster Flat Phone Card: Users' Reviews

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls India
Good for mulitple calls.

Not bad! - Overcharges for the first minute!
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada, USA
Every time I make a 1 minute phone call (including time spent in the phone card's voice prompts) the card charges 4 cents instead of two. I've called the card's customer service to reverse this, but I am not willing to continually have to call them for several minutes to have 2 cents refunded. This is an underhanded first minute scam. The rest of the minutes seem to be charged correctly. If you make only 1 minute phone calls, I guess you would get half the minutes.

Excellent! - Fonebuster Flat is much better than the other phone cards!
Reviewer: Hazel T. who calls Philippines
it doesnt disconnect my calls, and there are no connection fees.

Not bad! - not clear
Reviewer: nuwan who calls sri lanka
my call are not clear and sometimes i can't get call to sri lanak, some times your numbers are not working.

Excellent! - Great Card!
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Syria
Great card no fees whatsoever. Talk to syria mobile for exactly 30 minutes for only $5.00!

Excellent! - Better then all other cards
Reviewer: F who calls sri lanka
I''ve been using SIFA for many years, now found no-fee Fonebuter Flat. With rates so low itís much better then all other cards, including cards with service fees, even for one call.

Excellent! - Perfect for calls to Canada-NWT
Reviewer: J who calls Canada-NWT
I call to NWT. I used to use CiCi, but it was almost 23 cents a minute. Now I use use Fonebuster Flat, which gives 13.8 cents per minute. This is the best rate I found so far.